For any successful online store, a cleanly functioning, flexibly constructed e-commerce infrastructure is a givenÉ and frankly, these days, solutions for virtually any budget are easy to find. But that’s not going to guarantee sales, by any means. For that, you need to reach your target customers and differentiate yourself from the pack. Further Media can help, with ideas for online marketing campaigns, contests and incentives, logical interface design, loyalty-building content, product demos… in short, the ART of online merchandising.

Related Capabilities:

  • E-commerce programming and back-end integration
  • Programming of dynamic content pages
  • Database programming and user list management
  • Customer tracking and reporting
  • Writing and editing of industry-specific news and "how-to’s"
  • Page flowcharting and overall information design
  • Streaming media: video, audio, Flash animation
  • Email newsletters
  • Site hosting and maintenance

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